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Thank You Farmer Review - True Water Vita Mist Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Popular K-beauty brands like Sulwhasoo, Dr. Jart+, Innisfree, and Laneige still practice animal testing, fortunately, I didn’t have to give up k-beauty, but aligned myself with brands who care about their cruelty-free status.⠀

Thank You Farmer is one of them.⠀

Thank You Farmer believes in creating products that focus on pure and honest ingredients. Rooted in the mentality of a farmer, the brand refuses to take shortcuts with nature or skincare and instead uses real, hard-working ingredients to help strengthen skin barrier over time.⠀

*Gifted by the brand


- The oil layer is 30% and contains sea buckthorn and avocado oils, both full of amazing antioxidants that support collagen and minimize fine lines.⠀

- The water layer is 70% vitamin-rich water+ Inositol. This claims to aid in moisturizing and regulating skin functions. ( Inositol is also known as Vitamin B8⠀

-It contains 12 types of vitamins to nourish your skin: A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B9, C, E, P, K.⠀

Because of the double moisture barrier of water + oil, This mist is said to minimize water loss and increase absorption of the next skincare product, eliminates dead skin cells and replenish moisture.⠀

I really enjoyed using the mist initially, it smells so good 🤤 and the mist is fine and dispenses out like a fan on the skin. I used it directly after cleansing and before my Vit C serum. ⠀

Unfortunately, when the contents are down to the last 1/3, the vita oil to the vita water ratio is no longer the same as before. The ratio is like 4: 1 and it's very greasy. The misting also becoming more like a burst during the dispensing from the bottle, making my face very oily.⠀

Because of this, I switched the method of using the mist. In the morning I spray it on a reusable pad and swipe it all over my face. At night I do the usual spray because I’m using Tret again and it’s super soothing.⠀

This was my first rodeo into the Thank You Farmer brand and also my first oil-water mist. I was bummed that I couldn’t completely use it the way It was intended, but it all worked out at the end.⠀

Have you tried anything new as of late? What’s your fav k-beauty brand?

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