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An Introduction to Pacifica Beauty and their Acne Warrior Line!

Pacifica is one of those brands you see and are instantly dazzled by their stunning packaging but if you take a closer look, you see a brand that is intentional and grateful for the planet. Proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable, Pacifica has grown a huge fan base of beauty lovers for the past 25 years and counting. Founded in 1996, Brook Harvey Taylor decided on the brand name while one day listening to Brazilian artists Joao and Astrud Gilberto. The lyric “Pacifica” was hummed while driving with her now-husband and like magic, they knew that would be the name of their brand. Originally, Brook, now Pacifica, focused on candles and perfumes but soon after pivoted to skincare. The decision would prove to be the right one as Pacifica has grown into the beauty giant it is today, with not only skincare but makeup, body care, and haircare. What I like about Pacifica is its commitment to bettering the planet. Core values are women (women-run, but they love all humans), animals, and the planet, all three things I love to support. These products have been vegan and cruelty-free from the start which is a huge kudos for me. Their recycling program with Preserve is super impressive as well. Believing in reincarnation (for plastics, anyway!) they proudly state, “Nature is our muse and our mission.” Pacifica turns all #5 plastics into razors and toothbrushes that you can buy on our site. Visit here. The products I’ll be chatting with you all about for the next three months are from the Acne Warrior Line. As a person who has had acne since I was 12, seeing brands who embrace acne and understand that it is normal is so comforting and exciting to see. The Acne Warrior Line includes: Acne Defense Face Wash ($10 USD) Pore Warrior Soft Scrub ($12 USD) Acne Warrior Clearing Astringent ($12 USD) Pore Warrior Booster Serum ($16 USD) Dry It Out Acne Gel Spot Treatment ($10 USD) Pore Warrior Overnight Rescue Spot Dots ($7 USD) Today I want to chat about the Face Wash and Soft Scrub.

The Acne Defense Face Wash is a sulfate-free cleanser with key ingredients that include: * Cucumber * Niacinamide* Sage * Aloe * Mint

* 2% salicylic acid Niacinamide + Salicylic Acid (SA) work wonders together because they both help reduce sebum and decrease the appearance of pores. SA can unclog and dissolve debris/oil in your pores which in turn can help with acne. Niacinamide helps strengthen the skin barrier, helps with hyperpigmentation, redness, controls oil, and helps with pore size. This is a great plant-based cleanser and for the price of $12 USD for 5.8 fl oz. That’s a steal! I have profusely oily skin so I love it when I find cleaners that can balance and manage it. I have also been using this for my body acne on my chest and back to treat it. I have seen some reviews alleging they have experienced dryness, but I have not had that experience. If you have oily combo skin, I am comfortable recommending this. If you have dry skin and still want to test it out, I would make sure to follow up with a nourishing moisturizer, or perhaps only use the cleanser a few days a week vs every day. Pore Warrior Soft Scrub

Key ingredients: * Cucumber * Papaya * Mint * Niacinamide

This scrub has a faint scent of cucumber that isn’t overbearing. It has a nice pump that dispenses the right amount of product. I use two pumps 1-2X per week. This scrub contains jojoba beads for physical exfoliation. When they're massaged onto the skin (circular motions), they dissolve. The benefit of this is that they're all-natural and not abrasive to the skin. This also contains Papaya which helps remove dead skin cells to help unclog pores. The texture is super creamy and leaves my skin soft and smooth. If you have sensitive skin and like the instant gratification from a physical scrub, this is for you. If your skin doesn’t respond well to physical exfoliants, I would skip this. That’s it for now. Check back next month when I discuss the Pore Warrior Booster Serum and Acne Warrior Clearing Astringent.

Pacifica was kind enough to give all my readers a 20% off code. Use code: Florence20 for 20% off any Pacifica Product. SHOP NOW Have you tried any products from Pacifica? Which would you recommend I check out next?

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