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Welcome to, an Atlanta-based life and beauty blog written by Florence Williams. Founded in 2020 as a hub for Florence’s passion for writing and Content Creator Resources, is a place to inspire creativity through showcasing her love for sustainable fashion, cruelty-free beauty, and lifestyle. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of women through education to be their most authentic selves, creating beautiful and relatable content, while offering inspiration along the way.

Meet Florence Williams


the founder

I'm a military brat, so my home is nowhere, but I have friends all over the world. I feel like having this dynamic made it so easy to adapt to my environment and get used to the constantly moving. Sometimes we would move twice in one year. My family finally made roots in Valdosta, Georgia, where I attended high school and college.


Being a mixed person (Bajan and Filipina) my identity was a huge part of my life and figuring out where I belonged. College was a time where I really blossomed and learned more about myself. I transitioned from relaxed to natural in highschool and in college I was constantly giving people advice on how to take care of their curls on a budget. 


Fast forward to 2015 I moved to Atlanta with my college sweetheart (now fiance) I decided to start sharing things I loved on instagram as an outlet from my 9-5 and to find my community. 


Now in 2020,  I create content full-time. I’m coupling my love for writing with this creative outlet where I can share latest beauty finds, career knowledge for my fellow Content Creators and a sprinkle about my life.

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