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Sephora Fall Savings Event 2022: What To Buy During The Upcoming Sale

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The time has come. The Sephora Fall Savings Event is here!

This week the Sephora sale opens for Rouge members, offering them 20% off.

I personally think this sale is only worth it if you have Rouge status.

Dates to Remember:

The event is online, with code SAVINGS, which saves you a different amount depending on your status at Sephora:

A quick note:

Skin type: I have oily, combination acne-prone skin. I look for products that will leave my skin hydrated and soothing. I am in a constant cycle of hormonal acne and treating my hyperpigmentation, so I'm always looking to prevent/treat leftover pigmentation. I also suffer from eczema.

My hair type is thick density, low-porosity fine strands.

Lastly, I encourage you all to shop intentionally and responsibly. While indulging in beauty can be great, I never want consumerism to be the main takeaway. This is just a resource to inform.

You don’t need to participate just because the sale is here. If you don’t need any restocks, or non-essentials aren’t in the budget right now, don’t feel pressured to buy something based on my recommendations. There is ALWAYS another sale around the corner.

Do what is right for you.

Now, let’s get into my recommendations.

*This page does use affiliate links.

Sephora Sale Recommendations: Skincare


Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser - I think this is a good everyday gel cleanser. It smells like lemon and apples to me. I found it hydrating, and gentle and it did a great job at removing makeup. I’ve been buying minis of this for a while. I think this would be best for people with normal to oily skin.

Herbiovore Pink Cloud Face Wash - I really love how this face wash preforms. It has a light scent of rose and is very bouncy and plush. My skin is always left soft and feels healthy when I use it. Makeup and sunscreen are easily removed with it. I think it’s a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Josie Maran Pineapple Pore Clearing Cleanser - this is my current favorite gel cleanser of the moment. It smells like juicy sweet pineapples, it’s a light fresh lather. This features pineapple enzymes that can lightly exfoliant the skin. This is ideal since I have oily skin so it helps control oil and congestion. It also features Argan Oil for hydration to moisturize and balance the skin. Not a everyday cleanser but I do use 2 to 3 times a week.


Youth to the People Adaptogen Mist - a fine mist that can soothe and hydrate. This is one I reached for time and time again to help calm redness and use between my skincare steps. I also loved repurposing my glass bottle to decant other mists or use to propagate plants.

Eye Cream:

Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick - I love this stick! I prefer this to an eye cream because it just slides across on its own without having to use my fingers. I just warm it up on the back of my hand and It slides really easily, absorbs quickly but also feels hydrated while I sleep. This has encapsulated retinol and peptides. I loved how easy this was to add to my routine. I use it about 3x a week.

Youth to the People Dream Eye Cream - This is my current nighttime eye cream. It contains vitamin c to brighten, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to hydrate and protects the skin area. It’s very thick so you only need a tiny bit to cover the eye area and enjoy the hydration.


Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream - This is amazing if you are overloaded on actives, over-exfoliated, or have a compromised barrier from eczema. I use this after every retinal treatment and also as a body moisturizer. I have oily, combination acne-prone skin so while this is too much for an AM routine for me, it is PERFECT for overnight and does not feel heavy at all.

Youth to The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream - This is lightweight, but gives such a lovely moisture bomb. My skin really felt bouncy and nourished after using this and the redness-reducing properties of this moisturizer are phenomenal. I believe it’s due to the functional mushroom and adaptogen Reishi and Ashwagandha. All skin types could benefit from this.

INNBeauty Project Slushy Serum Moisturizer - a new discovery for me this year and I’m happy to add it to my favorites list. It’s so unique because it’s a serum/moisturizer. The name is perfect because it looks like a slushy when dispensed and when you rub it into your skin it turns into this hydrating emulsion. Perfect for hotter months or if you prefer lighter layers of hydration through out the year.

SPF Sunscreen:

All-Physical Lightweight Wrinkle Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 - is one of the better physical sunscreens I've tried. It’s lightweight, easily blendable, and hydrating. Didn’t cause any breakouts for me which is a plus and although upon application it left a slight cast after 5 mins it went away. A wonderful base for makeup as well. Since it’s more hydrating, I’m unsure if most oily skin types would like this.

Sephora Sale Recommendations: Bath + Body:

Body Lotion:

Nécessaire The Body Lotion - no-frills body lotion that is fast-absorbing and leaves your skin hydrated with added vitamins. Not greasy or tacky at all. I kept reaching for this lotion due to its simplicity. I also love the packaging. The top has a little weight to it making it smell premium which I liked. If you have sensitive, eczema-prone skin I recommend this.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Pro-Retinol Body Butter - one of my favorite body butters made. It has such a beautiful finish, spreads easily without being greasy, and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. I love that it's unscented--great for my eczema-prone skin

Body Mists:

Topicals Faded Brightening & Clearing Mist - if you have body acne, this is a wonderful product. The nozzle has 360 action to hit hard to reach areas like the middle of the back. It has ingredients Tranexamin Acid, Kojic Acid and Niacinamid, to help fade, brighten hyperpigmentation and even out skintone.

Topicals Like Butter Hydrating and Soothing Mist - as a person who can have lazy days with their bodycare routine, but also has eczema this is a godsend. I love hoping out the shower and spraying this on. It’s soothing and hydrating and leaves a beautiful sheen to the skin. Has a slight scent of bergamot and greentea but it doesn’t linger. It features Cica, Allantoin and Rhubarb to calm, restore and moisturize the skin.

Body Scrub:

Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic Renewing Body Scrub - I love a good dual physical/chemical exfoliant and this one is so good. It smells like fresh lime, a perfect fit for spring. The scrub is coarse and does a good job of making tough bumpy skin super soft. I always see a difference in how my moisturizer performs when I use this. It also lasts a long time, it took me about 3 months to empty this. I used it about 2x a week on both wet and dry skin.

Body Wash:

Skinfix Eczema+ Foaming Oil Body Wash - gentle and soothing body wash for sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin. No scent at all, low foam and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. If you are currently experiencing an eczema breakout I would give this a try.


Necessaire The Deodorant Gel -This comes in Eucalyptus or fragrance-free and it was my surprise hit from the brand. It dries down nicely with AHAs in the formula to keep bacteria at bay so you don’t smell. I say it lasts about 8 hours. Any longer than that it looses its effectiveness.


Plur Missing Person - it’s warm and spicy and such a beautiful everyday all year long type of fragrance. There isn’t a ton of projection, I do wish it lasted longer. Its more like a body spray to me. It smells like if honeysuckle and caramel had a baby. Very nostalgic and cozy.

Sephora Sale Recommendations: Haircare

Deep Conditioner and Hair Masks:

Hair Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner - a lightweight, almost mousse-like deep conditioner. Made with Australian Kakadu Plum, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Starflower Oil. Every time I use this in my hair, it’s pure joy. Loved how easy my hair was to detangle with the DC and it smells like sweet cake batter.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask - such an amazing deep conditioner. It’s the best of both worlds with moisturizing and protein-rich ingredients. It makes my curly hair super bouncy and strong yet soft. Made for all hair types.


Reverie Milk Leave-In Treatment - This is the gateway peoducr to the Reverie brand in my opinion. Its a lightweight oil-cream treatment that I like to use as a primer before styling products and heat tools. It protects and moisturizes, leaving my hair super soft and shiny. My hair is made up of fine strands so it’s nice that this doesn’t weigh it down.

Reverie Cake Scalp Tonic - I love that this texture isn’t too watery. After dispensing product out the pipette it stays in place until I’m ready to massage it into my scalp. It has a base of Rose Water and Swiss Apple Stem Cells which are proven to lengthen the growth phase of our hair. This combo soothes a dry and itchy scalp and can help with hair shedding, fall out and overall growth of hair!

Curl Cream:

Verb Curl Cream - If you want to hold and softness that extends your typical washday this is the curl cream for you. This will easily give me 8-day hair! A little goes a long way and eliminates frizz. I think people with wavy hair would also love this product. I’ve tried this on a twist-out as well and really loved it.

Reverie Rake Styling Cream - if curl definition, soft hold and volume are what you’re looking for, you’ve found your match. Rake has a beautiful whipped texture thats flexible so it molds shape easily. A little goes a long way. I love damp styling and following up with my diffuser for big hair. It’s light and has a gorgeous scent. If you’re sensitive to scents I would be cautious, because it does have essential oils for fragrance.

Ceremonia Pequi Curl Activator Style Serum - this is a great one and done defining product. I think of this more of a cream than a serum. It has a nice creamy texture that define curls very easily. Love the scent it’s musky and sweet. This also does wonders on slicked back hairstyles as well, so it’s great applies to wet or dry hair.

Hair Oil:

Hair Oil Everyday Gloss - It comes in this chic, heavy glass bottle. It reminds me of perfume. At first, I thought it smelled like the sweetest cherries but I found out it’s actually the Australian Kakadu plum oil in its formulation. My hair loves this oil. Keeps my hair shiny and is also a fabulous scalp oil too.

Ranavat Fortifying Hair Serum Mighty Majesty - I love massaging my scalp with this oil. It's amazing for hydration, anti-dandruff, and hair growth, plus it smells like heaven. Weekly I also do a pre-shampoo deep treatment. I leave it in between two hours or up to 6 hours and it's non-pore clogging so it won't break out my skin.

Reverie Ever Recovery Hair Oil - My current favorite hair oiling companion. It’s light, and leaves my hair soft and balanced once rinsed out with shampoo and conditioner. It has Marula, Abyssinia, and Squalane oil to add shine, moisturize and protect the hair from thermal damage. The beauty of this oil is that it’s so multi-fuctional. It’s great at taming frizz and can be added to conditioning or styling products for an added boost.

Hair Accessories:

Aquis Prime Rapid-Dry Hair Turban - If you “plop” your hair this is a must. I own 3 of them I love them SO much. I apply all my products and wear the towel for about 15 hours to a full 24 hours. I have low-porosity hair and most days I like to air dry. But you can use this to set your hair before you diffuse as well so you don’t have soaking wet hair down your back.

SlipSilk Scrunchies - these are my FAVE. I love that they come in the colors black, beige and pink. I like using these on the days when the bun is life. They are soft and preserve my curls without making them look wonky or stretched out the next day.

Sephora Sale Recommendations: Makeup

I get most of my makeup from Target or Ulta but here are a few recommendations.


Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara - It curls, lengthens, and gives lovely volume and fullness to my lashes. It lasts all day which I love and rarely experiences with mascaras. It also doesn’t flake which is a huge plus.

Eyelash Curler:

Shiseido Eyelash Curler - BEST EYELASH CURLER EVER! I know it’s expensive but so worth it. I have straight lashes that go down if I don’t curl them. This curler has the perfect shape to capture even the littlest lashes and fits my eye shape perfectly. Total game changer.


Danessa Myricks Colorfix Eye+Cheek+Lip - as a member of the oily eyelid crew I’m really impressed with the wear of these cream pigments. They are a quick-dry formula that is very buildable. The Rose Dream set is a perfect value. I also love playing with the Neons. My fave color is Jellybean, but she has such a wonderful array of colors to check out.

Natasha Denona Mini Eyeshadow Palette - my favorite palettes are Sunset, Glam & Nude. They are so pigmented which I love and very wearable. I typically just do a sweep of color as an eyeshadow but you can absolutely do full glam looks with the mattes and shimmer colors

Lip Gloss:

BareMinerals Mineralist Lip Gloss Balm - unexpected favorites for me this year. Perfect flush of color and very hydrating and non-sticky. I love Inguinuity--It's a dusty pink and I feel like it would look great on everyone!

I hope you found this list helpful. Let me know down below what you‘ll be getting in the sale. Happy Shopping.

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Great blog post! I was looking forward to the upcoming sale and this post provided some valuable insights on what to buy. The breakdown of the different categories such as clothing, home decor, and electronics was very helpful in narrowing down my shopping list. The tips on how to save money and get the most bang for my buck was also very useful. I especially appreciate the emphasis on quality over quantity, it's something I'll definitely keep in mind while shopping. This post has made me more confident in making my purchases during the sale. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. Keep up the good work!

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Jas Cam
Jas Cam

Wow! This was such a well thought out and researched post. You literally just gave us all the deets! I love it. I've been in the market for a new deep conditioner and I think I will give the Briogeo one a try since it's on sale now. I've always wanted to try their products, but always found them a little pricey. This is the perfect time to give it a try. Thanks again!



I love the aquis hair turban. Never went to using a towel to dry my hair. I definitely need to get more of them. Thank you for sharing your recommendations, always looking for new favorites.



YES to the “only shopping if you need something,” I preach that constantly and I’m sure people are tired of me 🤣🤣

I am probably picking up a restock of the FAB oat toner and maybe a new hair brush — briogeo has a boar hair (???) brush that I think I’ll get— because mine is falling apart 🌝


Thanks for the recs, Flo! I’m definitely trying the Peace Out retinol stick!

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