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Top 5 Body Acne Tips

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Top 5 Body Acne Tips Plus First Impressions of Pacifica Beauty’s Acne Warrior Line Now Featuring Bodycare Products.

I’m back with my 3-month update using Pacifica Beauty’s Acne Warrior Line. To learn more about the history of Pacifica and my initial thoughts click HERE

Also, check out my 2-month update HERE

Before we talk about products I want to talk about body acne.

Some people are more prone to it than others due to genetics. Everyone’s skin is different due to body chemistry. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

I’ve had it since puberty and still have it. My bacne scars are big insecurity of mine. I would often say I couldn’t wear tank tops, halters, or dresses because it would expose them.

The negative self-talk ate away at my self-confidence and I withdrew emotionally for years. These days I fully accept my scars, because they are a sign of healing in my self-love journey.

I still get acne on my back, chest, and shoulders and that’s okay.

Through the years I’ve learned tips to help prevent body acne and I want to share them with you.

• Wear loose-fitting breathable clothing that won’t rub or irritate the breakouts.

Acne Mechanica can be caused by friction of the skin, heat, and lack of air exposure. I will experience this kind of breakout if I work out and I’m not able to take a shower immediately after. They can pop up around my bra line. Due to the sweat getting trapped.

• Shower right after sweating or working out.

I personally try to work out in the morning to prevent this. Or if I shower in the morning and went out for a hike I’ll also shower before bed to make sure excess sebum, dirt or sweat, or bacteria is not left on your body.

• If you’re washing your hair, make washing your body the last step.

Shampoo & conditioner can have a lot of oils or other ingredients that are comedogenic or cause clogged pores. To prevent this I like to wash my hair in sections and never let the product rinse down my back.

• Wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly.

We sleep on them every day. I personally wash mine every two weeks.

• Exfoliate your body regularly.

I think between 2x to 3x a week will help remove the trapped dead skin cells, grease, and dirt. For tools, I recommend exfoliating gloves or salux towels. For products, I like body scrubs, toners, or sprays with active acne-fighting ingredients.

When it comes to products to treat acne, I like looking for products that contain SA, tea tree oil, or acids like glycolic on mandalic. They can help with congested pores, reduce inflammation and lighten hyperpigmentation.

Pacifica has some newly released products for body acne that I’ve been testing.

First up is:

Bacne Warrior Acne-Fighting Body Spray $16 USD

  • This is a lightweight medicated spray to target body acne. It contains SA to unclog the pore, put also niacinamide to help deep clean.

  • I really like it because it has a 360 nozzle that is ideal for your back. I don’t have to rely on my partner to apply it to me.

  • I’ve tested in every angle, especially turning it upside down for hard-to-reach spots and the spray is continuous!

  • I love that it also contains glycerin and aloe. It leaves the skin soft not sticky!

  • Use can use this 1x to 3x daily. I personally like using this 1x a day before bed or after a hike before I can get home and shower.

Acne Warrior Body Scrub $16 USD

So this is not your typical scrub.

  • I'm so used to scrubs that contain sugar or salt that physically exfoliate my body, but Pacifica knows that abrasive scrubs can actually make acne worse so in this formulation it has soft jojoba beads to physically exfoliate and SA to chemical exfoliate.

  • A protip is to leave this on for one min after you rub it in to get those active ingredients working then wash off your body. I’ll shave, sing, or collect the wad of hair that is on the side of my tub lol

  • I personally have been seeing great results using this 2x a week. No over-drying just my skin healing with is the goal.

  • With such an affordable price for both, these are an excellent choice to help treat and prevent body acne.

Body acne happens. It can absolutely wreck your confidence if you let it. Trust me, I have 10 years' experience.

The best thing I’ve learned is the only approval I need is my own. We as humans often seek other people’s approval to validate our self-worth. “Should I wear this?” “What if someone sees my scars or breakouts” etc.

Quiet the noise. Who you are in this moment is beautiful and resilient. Your acne isn’t your identity. So go out there and own every square inch of who you are.

In search of you high-quality body care products, that are not only accessible but affordable too? Check out the whole Pacifica Acne Warrior line HERE

Use code: Florence20 to save some coins.

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