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5 apps that every blogger should have on their phone

I love a good app! I obsess over finding the perfect tools to support my creative process.

I took a look at my week to see what I apps I opened most often - besides the obvious ones like Planoly, Instagram and Canva - and here's what stood out:⁠⠀⁠⠀⁠⠀

Splice is my go-to for IGTV video editing, tik tok videos, and YouTube. I even make quick stop motion clips on it. It’s very user-friendly and even has music and pretty good fonts.


Focos is the best app ever for iPhone photography. You can change the aperture and bokeh effects, manual exposure controls, but most importantly it has easy and fast manual focus. This app costs USD 1.99 but so worth it.


Space creates line breaks for Instagram posts and format captions so they are spaced perfectly and easier on the eye.

It also counts characters and hashtags so you don’t go over. It can even save your captions which I absolutely love.⠀

TouchRetouch is WELL LOVED.

You can take the whole people out of photos. I love it for taking out frizz in my hair or cat hair personally. There isn’t an easier way to remove unwanted items in your images. This app cost USD 1.99.

Grammarly is so essential in my daily life. Whether I’m tapping a quick email to a brand manager on my phone or writing a caption, this keyboard makes sure I’m spelling things correctly and even catches if I double up on a word in my text. Really is the perfect spelling and grammar checker.

What are your fave apps? Tell me down below.

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1 Comment

Madisen English
Madisen English
Aug 10, 2020

You already know I love using Space for my IG captions! I’m glad they have something that’ll make your captions look more presentable. I have Grammarly installed on my computer but now I’m about to put it on my phone haha. This is a great post Flo! Some of the other apps I enjoy using are Canva, Lightroom, and inShot.

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