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My Top 10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands.

There are more eyes than ever on black-owned businesses due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of the best ways to support is to shop from black-owned businesses all year long. This will ensure the money will continue to flow into these businesses and they can continue their legacy.

Below are my top 10 favorite black-owned beauty businesses I’ve discovered over the years.

Trinity Wofford along with her partner, Issey Kobori, started Golde January 2017. It’s a wonderful Black-Owned wellness company that sells turmeric blends for teas, lattes, and golden milk. GOLDE Turmeric is a potent powder blend of yummy coconut milk with other organic botanicals, including turmeric, ginger, and cardomen, which is my personal holy trinity. All of their ingredients are sustainably sourced from certified-organic farms from around the world.

This black women-owned business, Demosea Botanicals (previously known as So Posh) is owned and operated by Ronni Wilson, who is a long sufferer of the auto-immune disease Psoriasis. That was the catalyst for starting Demosea. Ronni’s story rings true in my life because I too suffer from an auto-immune disease, eczema and had to give up traditional perfumes and fragrances.

These floral-infused body oils represent a natural blend of Argan, Kukui nut, and coconut oils. The Pretty Pink Grapefruit is my fave!

One of my favorite ways to bring peace in my home is by lighting a candle. I adore them. My newest fave is this beautiful ginger mint soy candle by Goodnight Darling Co.

The scent profile consists of Ginger, Saffron, Musk, Mint, Pineapple & Jasmine Base Notes.

I can smell it in the room without even lighting it. Goodnight Darling also has other candles, bath salts, teas, and room spray all promoting better sleep! Aycee Brown, the owner of Goodnight Darling has suffered from insomnia issues since the age of 15.

Her company is dedicated to sleep health and longevity of people’s lives, which is an unmet need in the beauty industry!

Wanda Williams-Gee and Andrea Martin, co-founders made Harvest9. They are two sisters who came into the beauty industry from two different paths, one seeking relief from the stress of a recent divorce, and the other seeking a life purpose and an opportunity for more creative expression.

After seeking the help of an Ayurvedic physician, they found a connection to the principles and philosophies of Ayurveda and were drawn to the simplicity, and its use of natural ingredients.

Their Plum Lava mask is a natural blend of Ayurvedic herbs with some very effective western ingredients. It leaves your skin to brighten and does an amazing job of exfoliating your skin.

Photo courtesy of Harvest 9

My Topicals is a brand that is founded by two WOC. Co-founder, Olamide Olowe is from Nigerian. The two friends bonded over their struggles with eczema and Folliculitis. They aim to transform the way people feel about and approach managing skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, eczema by using medicated formulations that work. Their two releases are Faded, for hyperpigmentation and Like Butter for dry, eczema-prone skin.

Not only care about skincare but are also passionate about mental health. They have a skincare game called Skin, Sun, Stars that tells you what ingredients to use based on your concerns. It’s like a skincare horoscope game. They donate $1 to Sad Girls Club for every person who plays.

Lovinah Skincare has some of the most unique product formulations and ingredients on the market.

The range is plant-powered and effective, they are designed to address hormonal challenges, premature aging, and visibly improve the complexion.

My favorite is the Dragon’s Blood Line that focuses on the skin's Microbiome and helps with adult acne to reveal smoother more nourished skin.

Joy the owner is such a wonderful person who has decades of beauty industry experience. The packaging is stunning and it’s the true epitome of luxury.

Up North Naturals is a Canadian haircare brand run by Lisa Keizer. She provides an all-natural solution to curly and textured hair that keeps your hair defined and healthy.

What will pull you in first is the intoxicating tropical smell of the product line, but you will stay for the performance. I highly recommend the Cure Ease Styling Lotion and the Freshen Up Hair Mist.

Moisture Love is founded by Jeannell Darden.

Moisture Love is a curated hair collection singularly focused on one thing: infusing and regaining moisture in natural hair.

It is beyond hair with them. They are in a mission to help women embrace their unique beauty, express their confidence, experience a higher love for themselves with products that make highly textured hair easier to manage and maintain.

Their Gentle Embrace Shampoo is my all-time favorite shampoo ever. I can even skip conditioner when I use it. It’s that effective. The whole collection honestly is the perfect marriage of botanical oils, butters, and herbs that wrap your stands with hydration and shine.

Luvscrub is founded by the lovely Caroline who is Ghanaian. These mesh exfoliating towels have been used in West African households for generations.

I have bance and this mesh exfoliating towel makes my skin so smooth and helps me with my hyperpigmentation. There is no loofah or washcloth that can hold a candle to my Luvscrub.

Photo courtesy of Luvscrub

Glow Rx Skincare is founded by Dr. Lorraine.

She started GlowRx as a clinical clean alternative for melanin-rich skin.

Their Vitamin C serum is the best seller— I have seen major improvements in the texture and radiance of my skin within 4 weeks. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the form of Vitamin C in the serum, which is amazing for acne-prone skin types.

Photo Courtesy of GlowRx

This concludes my list. Supporting Black-owned businesses keeps money in black homes and help them continue to build their legacy. What black-owned businesses do you love supporting?

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