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Lounge Wear Featuring Sustainable Fashion Brand Organic Basics

Raise your hand if you are living in loungewear? 🖐🏾 ⠀

I sure am, and basics are my go to’s in my capsule wardrobe. ⠀

The world of fast fashion can at times be a cruel and not-so-ethical one. Because of this I actively seek out brands I can learn from and support. Enter: Organic Basics

Who are they?⠀

An ethical fashion company launched in 2015 in beautiful Denmark, Copenhagen. Three best friends wanted to create and enjoy a world of sustainable and high-quality basics. Their mission: to just do it better. Organic Basics wears sustainability on its sleeves. Their list of high-quality, responsibly sourced materials goes on and on: organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, recycled wool.

At its core, the company focuses on using a better and transparent production chain and assuring the longevity of their products. Organic Basics favors the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and recycled nylon fabrics.⠀

Production: Organic Basics visits GOTS certified cotton fields and factories in-person in Izmir and Istanbul year-round. On their site, you'll learn: “We sit with the workers, eat lunch in their canteen, and make sure that the factories are socially sustainable”. Equally transparent, they also provide information about their factories in Portugal. ⠀

I LOVE their low-impact website. It refuses to load images or videos before they are requested by the user, among other things. This configuration reduces data transfer by up to 70 percent compared to their regular website. Technology is so cool.⠀

Also, I don’t thrift or buy second-hand undergarments and Organic Basics have a wonderful selection of sustainable underwear.⠀

In these photos, I’m wearing their Tencel Lithe Tank Top. It’s so soft and breathable. I love it so much I bought a pack of 3!

If you are interested I have an affiliate code: FLORENCEOBC to save 10 percent off your purchase 💕

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