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8 things I’ve learned from my first year as a full-time blogger and social media influencer.

Hey You. August 10th is my birthday (I’ve taken 30 trips around the sun), and this year marked the one year anniversary of The Blended Beauty.

As I reflect on the last year, I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned and for the support you’ve given me. I’m still in awe that over a year ago, I got laid off from my full-time job in the healthcare industry, quit my part-time job in Pr & Marketing, and bet on myself.

I’ve grown my platform and community to celebrate conscious beauty, share my journey in sustainable living and continue to teach and bring value to creators who want to monetize their influence.

I am truly honored to have inspired so many of you to ask for what you deserve, pitch to brands, and create content that they are proud of.

While I still have a lot to learn, I want to share with you the top 8 lessons I’ve learned from my first year as a full-time blogger and social media influencer.

Btw 8 is just an arbitrary number because I was born in August, I’m sure I have more lessons I could share at later date.

As you read this, I hope you get inspired to take the first steps in achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Lesson #1: Start Today

When I officially launched, I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew that I needed a home base. I was still figuring out my consistent posting schedule, my business and content strategy, and much more.

I jumped scared, and I consistently told myself I’d figure it out. 1 year later I’m STILL figuring it out, but I’ve also developed so many skills along the way.

If you're reading this, and want to become an influencer or blogger, like Nike, just do it. Start with a small step. This could mean your first meaningful Instagram post or setting up your blog/podcast/Youtube channel, whatever it is, just take one step TODAY. Not tomorrow, today. Get in the habit of taking action now and see where it takes you.

Lesson #2: Watch Your Negative Self-Talk.

I’m a big believer in positive affirmations because self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and anxiety used to play a role in how I showed up. The comparison game isn’t fun either. One thing I’ve learned along the way is: Your journey is the only thing that should be of focus.

Stop saying "I can't" because you'll start (or already are) believing it. Yes, you can be realistic that it will take time and requires a plan, but DO NOT let yourself believe that you can't do whatever it is you want to do. Don't be that person, to yourself.

Lesson #3: Fix Your Focus

When I first went full-time, I wanted to do so many things. Upload on YouTube 3 times a week, create an e-book, book speaking engagements, the list goes on.

YES, you can do all these things but not at the same time. When I was trying to do all the things, I failed hard at doing anything. When I focused on one thing at a time, things started happening and I started seeing results.

I'm not saying abandon all your hopes and dreams, I'm saying write them all down and give yourself a timeline of when you're going to do them based on your priorities.

I knew from the start I wanted to launch my digital offers, so I decided to focus on my coaching services for a few months which meant I had to accept no more than 4 brand deals a month and I was okay with that.

Because I knew in the long run that it was worth it to have my digital product set so I can lead a more sustainable income. Like with any business, there are slower months and it’s no different in influencer marketing.

Focus on the long-term vision and not just the short-term wins.

Lesson #4: Trust The Process

I didn't know if my blog was going to work and I still worked on it every week.

I didn't know if my Instagram was going to grow, but I still committed to having a consistent posting schedule. I didn't know if my digital offers were going to work, but I still kept promoting and selling my services.

Because I knew that if I kept going, things were going to pay off. I knew that it was going to take time for me to build a business and grow a community. I knew that if my intentions were true and that I could provide value, I would find a way to make it work. If something didn't work, I would try different strategies or delivery methods until it did because I knew that if I wanted this, I had to keep working on it until it worked.

Lesson #5: Mindset Training

As someone who has had to overcome childhood trauma, this is the hardest thing I have to continually refocus - my thoughts and my belief in myself (that's probably why I love helping others so much).

So every day, every morning - this is what I work on. I listen to affirmations when I first wake up. I also mix in mindful breathing. I write down what I'm grateful for, excited about and what I'm committed to. I revisit my big vision and reconnect with my WHY. It sounds tedious, but this is what I have to do to be in the right headspace.

Work on your mindset EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We are our own greatest enemy and if we don't work on our mindset, we will never get out of the cycle of self-doubt and fear that will keep us from being the person we want to be. If your mind keeps telling you that you can't do it, you never will.

So you're gonna have to have an honest conversation with yourself and then be committed to getting your mindset in the right place every single day so that you can do what you need to do to make the impact you want in the world.

Lesson #6: Work Hard, But Don’t Forget Your Boundaries

I worked my butt off this year. I launched my website, blogged + put out newsletters consistently, implemented & tweaked my business & content strategies, and created valuable content for my followers and brands.

Stretches of intense work are okay but maintaining that level of effort all the time only leads to burnout.

A primary focus this year was setting firm boundaries about work hours.

Your productivity and sense of balance will be greatly enhanced if you set clear physical, digital, and emotional boundaries between you and your work.

Here are a few tips:

Have a set end time for your day - My workday ends at 5 pm. I have a ritual where I leave my workspace and turn the light off to signify “clocking out”

Digital Boundaries - I take the weekends off social media and don’t post anything and I also don’t respond to work-related DMS or emails until Monday morning.

Embrace Creating Your Hours - Some days I enjoy taking mental health mornings and don’t start work until 2 pm because I can. Some days I also only work for 3-4 hours a day. Having an intuitive workday works for me, and I don’t force myself to work 8 hour days.

Give yourself permission to rest without having to do something productive right after. Rest is an essential part of creating a happy and balanced life.

Remember that you are not your work and your value as a person is not dependent on the success or failure of your business or what you create.

Lesson #7: Your Story Builds Community

We are all storytellers at heart. We use stories to share our experiences and connect on a deep, emotional level. When you tell YOUR story, you’re not simply recounting a series of events you’re bringing an audience along on an emotional journey.

Telling my story consistently has grown my audience to where it is today. I create content around what I love and care about most. My audience knows my relationship with my adult, hormonal acne, my journey to lead a more sustainable, ethical, and conscious lifestyle, and my journey from being laid off from my full-time job & crating part-time to now a full-time blogger and social media influencer.

Tell YOUR story and connect with your community. They often see themselves in you or share similar values or interest as you. It may be the case where you make an impact on them to explore the interests you have. It’s such a beautiful way to connect plus bring value to them.

Lesson #8: Invest In Yourself

The greatest ROI (return in investment) is in yourself. You are your greatest asset, whatever you learn and experience will be worth 10-100x if you can apply and implement it.

This year I invested in coaching programs, certifications, courses, yearly subscriptions to Canva and other editing software and consistently make 4 to 5 figures, month after month.

I think that's pretty amazing!!!

Could I have saved money and figure it out on my own via Google and YouTube University? Maybe, sure. But the key thing about investing in yourself is saving time, the most valuable resource we have in this life.

Learning from experts who have implemented those strategies, have years of experience, and know proven frameworks to succeed. This helped me not waste time and get to my goals quicker.

Thank YOU for reading. I’m truly humbled and grateful for each interaction I have with you. Every comment, reply, dm, and purchase. It means more than you know.

Without you, I would not be where I am today and would not be here writing this.

Thank YOU for making my first year simply beautiful.

Eternally Grateful,

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